2017 Porsche Panamera Interiors Will Blow Your Mind

Porsche, a renowned German automobile carmaker has come up with Panamera 2017 with beautiful design and interiors. It is loaded with features and may become your dream car after you read this article till the end. With Panamera 2017, Porsche is focusing on interiors more than anything else because it has realized that the travelers spend most of the time sitting inside the car.  Keep reading to know more about Porsche Panamera Interiors and important details.

The former Porsche Panamera was impeccable and so is its newer model, Panamera 2017. Though the car’s overview is similar, there have been significant changes in its details. The new model has digitalized cabins with no unnecessary buttons. It has many features on the driver’s side, as well as on the other side. It also displays plenty of options in between the two sides. Quality material is used in the interior and seats are very spacious and comforting.

More about 2017 Porsche Panamera Interiors

2017 Porsche Panamera interiors even offer a touch screen for passengers on the rear seats providing them access to the entertainment settings. Porsche Communication Management interface, in addition to Bluetooth, USB Port, Navigation, Radio, is included in its infotainment center. Panamera also features air filter, climate control system, rearview camera and parking sensors. The lighting is great in the car and the speakers provide a surround –sound.

porsche panamera interiors

Panamera 2017 comes with a boot space of 17.4 cubic feet, which is bigger than the former’s 15.7 cubic feet of boot space. It offers a mileage of 8kmpl in the automatic transmission model of petrol-powered car. It has a 3996cc engine and 8-speed, automatic gearbox.

Many color options are available to choose from while booking Panamera 2017, a legendary 5-seater from Porsche. One has to spend 1.99 crores (ex-showroom price) in order to own the base model of this car and 2.11 crore to own the top model.

In a nutshell, Porsche Panamera 2017 has been made more organised and elegant when it comes to interior. It can prove to be a perfect car for anyone who desires to be surrounded by luxury while travelling. The vehicle has a great engine and is offered in many colors. It is priced at 2 crores approximately (ex-showroom price). One of its rivals is owned by Ranveer Singh – Aston Martin Rapide S



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