2018 BMW X2 Price in India with Mileage, Features and Specifications

BMW, the prominent and luxury German-based automobile company released another astounding SUV after X1 and X3, which are very much alike in terms of looks. Skeptical if it’s worth the price? We’ll have you figure it out! Read further to know BMW X2 price in India with mileage, features and specs.

2018 bmw x2 price in india

The new SUV, BMW X2, promises to give a sportier feel with its coupe style, in addition to the high-tech features with wi-fi hotspot and wireless smart-phone charging. To help drivers in navigation, BMW X2 features a 6.5-inch touchscreen navigation system with an option to fix up to 8.8-inch of it. X2 is home to driver assistance features such as lane departure warning, traffic jam system, cruise control, auto braking and a self-parking system with rear view camera. Performance of BMW X2, a sporty SUV, is also very much appreciable.

2018 bmw x2 price in india


2018 BMW X2 Features & Specs

BMW X2 reaches 62mph from 0 in just 6.7 seconds. The regular 2.0-litre diesel engine gives 200+ horsepower which helps X2 to reach a top sped of 137mph. Soon, BMW may launch a faster version. X2 will also come with a hybrid engine later on, although as for now, just petrol and diesel engines will be available in the market.

BMW’s all wheel drive system is very well featured in X2. The company’s practical approach could be seen through the car’s specifications as it has a 470-litres boot space. BMW says “X2 brings previously uncharted levels of driving pleasure to this vehicle segment”. Moreover, the options of manual and automatic gearboxes will be given to the buyer and many safety features are added.

2018 BMW X2 Price in India

BMW X2 will be available for sale in March 2018. BMW X2 price in India will be in a range of 40 lakhs to 55 lakhs (Ex-showroom price). We definitely recommend BMW X2 which is packed with luxury features and has an astonishing look. There’s always a competitor in the market and Audi Q2 is the car challenging the newly revealed BMW X2.



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