Audi A1 Price in India 2017 with Mileage, Features and Performance.

Audi A1 is expected to be launched in India in October 2017. Audi A1 price in India will be in between Rs. 19 lakhs and Rs. 25.95 lakhs. It is one of the best small cars in India. The vehicle has many parts in common with the VW Polo. The vehicle has great resale value. It is made with high-quality interiors so that there will be a great comfort for passengers. If you need easier access to the rear seat, you can go for five-door version, Sportback. There is great demand for a high-end hatchback. Keep reading to know more apart from Audi A1 price in India 2017.


Audi A1 is available in hatchback version and it is fitted with the manual transmission. Audi A1 has the luxury component and it is proven through the cabin space and great seating arrangement. The low-cost luxury car will be available petrol as well as diesel versions. The car is poised to compete with other models in the hatchback segment with great interiors, exterior design and powerful machine inside the hood.

The base model of the car will be offered with manual transmission (5-speed). If you go for top-end, there will be an option to choose manual as well as automatic transmission.

Styling, comfort and convenience are very much enhanced with the new Audi A1. The car gets classic look through the addition of coupe-like roof. The side panels accentuate the overall look of the car. The styling is further enhanced by the daytime running lights and indicators. The 3D main headlights come with innovative LED technology.

The car is meant to deliver efficient and dynamic driving fun. The high tech is presented in the compact form.


There are two engine options in petrol versions. The 1.2-liter 1200 cc engine is the smaller version. The maximum power delivered by the 1.2-liter petrol engine is 89 bhp.

1.4-liter TFSI is the larger version in the petrol category. The peak power delivered by the 1.4-liter petrol engine is 150 bhp. The maximum torque developed by the engine is 240 Nm.

The diesel version of the car will be powered by 1.6-liter engine. The peak power delivered by the engine is 90 bhp.

The dimensions of the car are 3990 mm (length), 1750 mm (width) and 1400 mm (height). The wheelbase is 2460 mm.


The performance of the car makes a real difference for its justifiable presence in the market. It fares well in terms of looks and drive quality. The car has refinements which are comparable with a big car and appears good.

The electrical unit place in between the engine and transmission will help in decreasing the fuel consumption. If you would like to drive the car economically, you should choose the economy mode. Select ‘Sport mode’ for quick acceleration.

The vehicle control is very much enhanced with the driver-oriented central console, dashboard and color scheme. There are sporty seats which come with integrated head restraints. There are air-conditioning controls which appear to be similar to the jet plane.

Integrated mobile phone pocket and start/stop button of the engine will enhance the comfort level of the driver.

The safety of passengers is enhanced through the inclusion of ABS, EBD, multiple airbags, control (cruise, traction), and parking sensors.

Conclusion – Audi A1 price in India 2017

As the Audi A1 is around Rs. 20 lakhs, it can compete with Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat 500, Fiat Bravo, Mercedes A-Class and BMW Mini Cooper. Audi is the third largest brand in terms of promotion of luxury cars. It has topped the list of luxury car sellers in India in 2015. The car has a styling body structure. The mileage on city roads will be 11 kmpl and it will be 15 kmpl on highways. Wide and well-cushioned speeds, comfortable air-conditioning, music system and range of controls will certainly enhance the comfort and entertainment potential of users. Audi A1 offers good performance in the small car segment.

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