Audi Q8 Price in India on Road in 2019

Audi has ambitious plans to launch high-end Q8 in July 2019 in the Indian market. The vehicle will have a similar platform as that of Porsche Macan and Lamborghini Urus. The 5-seater coupe can compete with BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe. Audi has launched sharper designs in the recent past and it will further tone up the Q8 design to deliver the best design. Lets check out more details about Audi Q8 price in India on Road.

audi q8 price in india

Audi Q8 price in India is reasonable with exceptional specifications and features. The vehicle counts great points in terms of fuel economy, reliability, safety, infotainment and driving. The vehicle comes with a base warranty/power train warranty for 4 years or 80,000 km in the US. It may have similar benefits in the Indian market as well. Even though the vehicle is smaller, it will deliver an authentic look.

Features of Audi Q8 Price in India

Adaptive cruise-assist – The assist mechanism will help the driver in controlling the vehicle at cruise speeds

Efficiency assist – It is possible to drive the vehicle with great fuel efficiency and stability

Crossing assist – While crossing the road at junctions, you will make the most of crossing assist

Lane change warning – The driver will get automatic alerts while changing lanes 

360-degree cameras – It will help the driver in making the maneuvers very easily

Remote garage pilot – You will be able to park the vehicle in the garage safely and will be able to bring out safely with the remote garage pilot feature. The myAudi smartphone app will facilitate the feature in a very efficient manner.

Central driver assistant control – It will continuously track the vehicle movement relative to the surroundings and various assist systems will be managed


Large infotainment screen – It has a large 10.1” MMI infotainment system.

8.6” digital display is located beneath the air-conditioning system.

audi q8 price in india

12.3” display is meant to deliver all kinds of functions through the instrument cluster.

Data synchronization – The electronic data will be obtained and synchronized from 5 radar sensors, 12 ultrasound sensors and a laser scanner.

audi q8 price in india

Steering – The electrical variable assist steering with rack and pinion arrangement will offer great flexibility and convenience for the driver in controlling the vehicle


Large wheels – With large wheels, there will not be difficult in going through the rough terrain as well.

Low roof – The low roof will deliver a sleek appearance

Suspension – Both the front and rear suspension are independent and they have a multi-link mechanism. The air spring and steel sprung suspension can absorb heavy abuse on rough terrain thereby ensure stable backs of occupants!

Traction control – Enhance the safety of passengers

Stability control – Will help the driver in controlling the vehicle

Sleek headlamps – Headlamps are ultra-modern and they will be bright as well.

Hexagonal grille – More air will flow inside ensuring the thermal efficiency and heat dissipation


There are various kinds of features to enhance the safety of driver and passengers. Driver assist control is a great bonanza for customers.

The front and back brakes with ABS will enhance the safety

audi q8 price in india

There are five seat belts to secure all the passengers

There are six airbags to safeguard passengers and driver

The vehicle will let you reach the top speed of 209 kmph without any issues.

The drive select comes with 6 different modes including air springs

The braking controls of the Audi Q8 are impressive. You will be able to stop the vehicle by not crossing more than 170 feet while going at 70 mph.


Q8 will be available in both diesel and petrol versions with AWD drive train.

Diesel variant – 3.0-liter V6 TDi variant will deliver 286 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. The engine will be connected to the 8-speed automatic transmission

Petrol variant – The petrol variant will deliver 340 bhp of power with 3.0 TDi or 3.0 TFSi engine.


The vehicle is poised to deliver 10 kmpl on highways

The mileage will be 7 kmpl on city roads

Audi Q8 Price in India

Apart from the strength and the brand, price is one of the most important factor behind a customer’s decision.

The Audi q8 price in India will be in between Rs. 90 lakhs and Rs. 1 crore.


There will be a superior performance with the 3.0-liter engine. It has the best suspension to handle power in a very efficient manner.

The vehicle is poised to deliver the best performance on bumpy as well as unstable terrains.


Audi Q8 is likely to be launched in India In July 2019. The vehicle will deliver sporty look with its large wheels and low roof. It can take on BMW X6. Q8 price in India on road will be around Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 crores. The technology-enriched vehicle will offer a superior level of control on the vehicle. It will help the driver in taking smart decisions and the safety of occupants will reach new heights. Q8 has tough completion from BMW X6 and GLE Coupe.

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