Best Car Tyres in India 2017 with Price and Features

You should go for best car tyres in India to enhance safety and stability of the vehicle. There will be better control on the vehicle and you can apply brake precisely to bring the moving vehicle to halt at right time. As you go through the different kinds of car tyres and their prices and features, you will settle for the best tyre. The selection should be based on the size, brand, make & model of the car, driving conditions and other parameters. The selection should be dependent on your needs. If the car is for normal usage, you can settle with tubeless tyres. Keep reading to check out Best Car Tyres in India with price and features.

Special performance tyres helps in withstanding off-road conditions. They are useful on mud, snow and all kinds of terrain without any issues.


‘Apollo’ brand is owned by Dunlop tyres. The company manufactures car tyres for various kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV, and tractors. You can buy asymmetric tyres for passenger cars as well. There are high-quality cars for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. You can choose off-road tyre as well. The company is the 17th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Apollo was founded in 1976. The company has market in India as well as Europe.


Bridgestone manufactures top quality car tyres and these tyres are popular for car racing. The car manufacturer supplies tyres to Formula 1 as well. The tyre manufacturer supplies tyres to major racing events. The Japanese company was established in 1931. It has 141 production facilities spread across the world.  The company produces automotive parts as well.


Ceat has top place in the manufacturing and selling in India. The Italian company manages two plants in India at Mumbai and Nashik. The tyres are for heavy trucks and buses. The tyres are for light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailors, motorcycles, cars and rickshaws as well. The company has great global presence since the day of its establishment in 1958. The Mumbai based company has six manufacturing plants in India. The production capacity is about 100,000 tyres per day.


Michelin is responsible for high speed tyres. The French company manufactures robust car tyres and the tyres are for racing events as well. There will be firm grip on the road with soft tyres. You can handle the vehicle in a very efficient manner. The company is popular for the manufacture of radial ply tyre. Michelin produces most sought after choice by drivers. The company stands among the three largest manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1889 and it produces radials meant for all kinds of vehicles.


Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) manufactures high quality tyres meant for various types of vehicles. There are tyres for cars, bikes and formula one racing events as well. The Chennai-based company manufactures world class tyres for various make and models of cars. The company promotes motor sports as well by participating in racing events like Karting Championship and rally championship. Very hard rubber will be used by the company. Hence, the durability of the car tyre will be very high. The company was established in 1946.

JK Tyres

The Delhi-based company produces top-quality tyres in India. In 1974, JK Tyres started this journey. The company offers whole range of cars meant for various make and models of cars in India. There are radials for cars, trucks and buses as well.

Conclusion – Best Car Tyres in India

It is very much important that you should know about the top brands manufacturing high-end tyres. The quality, durability and price of the tyre are the deciding factors. You should choose the quality car tyres by a reputed brand so that it fulfills your needs in the best possible way. The maintenance cost of the vehicle will be low when the tyres will not wear out very easily. MRF stands first in offering durable and robust tyres to various make and models of cars.

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