Best Car under 6 lakhs in India | Performance, Mileage & Features

It is true that there are many vehicles below the Rs. 6 lakhs budget range. However, you should go through the pros and cons of various models before making a final decision. The frequency of driving, road conditions, internal features, external features, performance, specifications, service feasibility and budget should influence the selection of your car. Go through the below mentioned list to find best car under 6 lakhs in India :

1. Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago
Image Credit – Tata Website

Even though the Tata Tiago is the new addition to your car, you will be able to make the most of your investment with the car. There are premium features with which you will have great comfort. The spacious legroom will give great convenience for passengers. The price of the car is in between Rs. 3.20 lakhs and Rs. 5.54 lakhs. You can go for 1.2 liter petrol version or 1.5 liter diesel version as per your needs. The petrol version with 5-speed manual transmission delivers 114 Nm power and the mileage will be 23.84 kmpl.

2. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10
Image credits – Hyundai website

The Hyundai i10 is priced in between Rs. 4.87 lakhs and Rs. 6.99 lakhs. You can go for 1.2 L petrol engine or 1.1L diesel engine. The 5-speed manual transmission engine delivers 81 BHP. The torque delivered by the engine is 114Nm. The mileage of the unit is 18.9 kmpl. The Hyundai offers great after sales service. It is a plus point for customers as they will be able to keep the car in good condition very easily.

3. Maruti Celerio AMT

Maruti Celerio
Image Credits – Maruti Suzuki Website

Maruti Celerio is the budget version which delivers great value for money without any issues. The automatic transmission version will ensure that your needs are fulfilled in the best possible way. The car fares well in terms of performance as well. The price range of the car is Rs. 4.5 lakhs to Rs. 5.24 lakhs. The 1.0 liter petrol engine with 5-speed transmission delivers 67 BHP, 90Nm and 23.1 kmpl.

4. Maruti Swift Dzire

swift dzire
image courtesy – Maruti Suzuki website

The Maruti Swift Dzire offers a value for money car. The car has got a facelift recently and the looks are very much refined. The 1.2 liter petrol engine produces 83 BHP. The 1.3 liter multi-jet diesel delivers 74 BHP. You can go for diesel as well as petrol version to take advantage of great mileage. Even though there is price difference of few thousands between Swift and Swift Dzire, there is great demand for Dzire. One can easily consider it to be the best car under 6 lakhs in India. The ride quality offered by the vehicle is very good. The petrol version delivers 20.4 kmpl and the diesel version delivers 25.2 kmpl.

5. Tata Zest

Tata Zest
Image Credit – Tata Zest website

If there are any drawbacks with the Tata versions, there are corrected with the presentation of Tata Zest. The car fares well in terms of look and you will certainly be able to make the most your money. The diesel version is fitted with automatic gearbox. In fact, you can go for the cheapest sedan version with the Tata Zest. Some of the worthy features offered by the car include GPS, touchscreen, LED tail lamps and daytime running lights. The price of the car is in between Rs. 5.09 lakhs and Rs. 8.53 lakhs. The mileage delivered by the car is 17.6 kmpl with 1.2 liter petrol version.

6. Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat
Image Credit – Chevrolet Beat Website

The price of the Chevrolet Beat is in between Rs. 4.32 lakhs and Rs. 6.57 lakhs. The car offers best looks and there will be great comfort for the driver as well. If you are going to use the vehicle on daily basis on city roads, Beat is the best option. You can go for 1.2 liter petrol version as well as 1 liter diesel version as per your needs. The petrol engine with 5-speed manual transmission delivers 108Nm and the mileage delivered by the unit is 18.6 kmpl.

Conclusion – best car under 6 lakhs in India

Swift Dzire is the best option in petrol as well as diesel version. Even though you choose the basic version, there will not be any compromise on the performance. You can expect best mileage and you will get best support from the service center.

This was our list which will help you find best car under 6 lakhs in India based on various parameters like Mileage, performance and features. Let us know your feedbacks and suggestions at

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