Top 7 Tips You Should Know for Car Maintenance

What do you prefer when you own a car, Whether to spend less money for its maintenance or spending a huge amount for its maintenance just because you couldn’t follow few tips of maintenance? Obviously the first one, Right? The maintenance cost of a car is one of the important factors that we consider while buying a car. And this cost can be reduced irrespective of the car that you own, just by following few tips. The top tips to be followed to reduce the cost of car maintenance are as follows:

1. Check the oil level regularly and change it when necessary.

Nothing will damage the engine as the negligence in oil levels does. And skipping of oil changes will cost you your whole engine replacement.

2. Every moving part need grease like bearings. Apply it regularly.

3. Change coolant once in a year.

4. Change the transmission oil regularly on service intervals. Better use recommended type of transmission oil.
5. Wash the vehicle regularly.
6. For paint to look good and shiny, apply wax once every six months. it also keeps the paint coating protected.
7. Replace brake fluid once a year( Of Course not so costly). Just by following the above tips reduce your maintenance cost and experience safe and Joy Ride.
This is a guest article by Annu Vidyasagar, Co-Founder of Computerszhub on Top 7 tips for car maintenance. Kindly let us know your suggestions, feedbacks or questions at

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