Cars travelling in underground network of crisscrossing tunnels – Vision of Elon Musk Boring Company

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire recently presented his vision in the latest  TEDTalks in friday. This one minute 10 seconds video is trying to show how Elon Musk Boring Company can make current transportation system more efficient.

Vision of Elon Musk’s Boring Company

The arrangement looks like an underground network of criss-crossing tunnels helping cars to travel at a speed of 130 mph. All this through an elevator shafts under various parking spots on the road. This whole system looks really efficient because of its 3-D transportation arrangement allowing different layers of tunnels carrying various vehicles.

To understand better, we can take an example of how data packets travel in a broadband network. In this case, data packets are replaced by vehicles and broadband network is replaced by 3D tunnel network. All this will be centrally controlled by computers to keep the system efficient and safe. Looks fascinating but Elon Musk boring company is expected to take a long time to turn into a reality as he gets to put 2-3% of his time to it. Till then, drive safe!

Gaurav Mishra

I am entrepreneur fascinated by technology and design. I love writing about cars and bikes including interesting stuff happening inside the automotive industry. Exploring nature being my ultimate way to unwind, I love to sketch the things around him when I'm not working.