Everything You Should Know About Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S manufactured by Tesla Inc., was introduced on 22nd June, 2012.

The Tesla Model S is considered to be one of the most luxurious cars produced by the Tesla Inc. till date. The model was designed by Franz von Holzhausen.

This full size luxury car is unique and possesses extraordinary features, delivers remarkable acceleration and is a complete package with the range being reasonable and up to the worth. If someone is looking for style, performance and luxury at the same time Tesla should be his/her top preference.

Completely safe

tesla model s autopilot

Model S makes your driving not only easier but also safer with the Autopilot capabilities that is possesses. It accelerates at a speed of 0 to 60 mph in a time of as less as 2.5 seconds. The all-electric five door car is completely safe to go on a long journey!

You get some amazing safety features if you buy the Tesla Model S which include Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Hid/Upgraded Lights and many more.

Comfort and convenience

tesla model s comfort

The Tesla Model S is designed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Features such as a Backup Camera, Parking Sensors, Heated Seats, Auto Climate Control, Front Cup holders, Interior Air Filtration etc. are all embedded in the car. Thus, one need not worry about such little things such as damage caused to the car while parking, or the temperature outside.

Technology and performance

You also get some highly advanced technical features such as the facility of Bluetooth inside the car, USB Ports, Navigation and Audi Controls on Steering Wheels. The performance of the model is completely up to the mark. The Base Engine Type is electric and the model is an “all wheel drive” type.

The touchscreen feature of the model acts as a highlight. The Tesla Model S 17 inch touchscreen is able to control almost all the functions of the car.

Tesla Model S interior

The standard model has the capacity to seat five people. If the seats are not being used, they can be folded completely flat on the floor. Two complete LATCH car-seat systems are located at the rear outboard seats of the model.

You get an elegant look as you enter inside the car. Everything inside is soft to touch and you can increase your level of comfort by paying extra. You can also add some more features inside the car.

The model is available in almost every color like red-multi coat, pearl white multi-coat, deep blue metallic, midnight silver metallic, solid white etc.

How much does the model cost?

The Tesla Model S of the year 2017 has a starting price of $69,500. This model comes with the standard 75kWh battery pack.

Other models like the Model S 90D costs $87,500, Model S 100D costs $92,500 and Model S P100D amounts to $134,500 being a high performance model.

Additional charges apply if some extra features are to be added to the model.

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