Elon Musk’s Employee Henrik Fisker Just Launched a Tesla’s Rival – EMotion

Henrik Fisker, the man who designed some of the most iconic cars of James Bond is all set to give tough competition to his rival company; Tesla, with his all new game changing electric car- EMotion. Fisker EMotion will get launched in August 2017 and is all set to make employee- turned-rival Elon Musk sit up. EMotion’s top speed is recorded at 259kmph and with full battery charged can cover a range of 643 km. It is said that Fisker EMotion has advanced battery technology and as they say Achille’s Heel of Tesla when we talk about charging time.

Henrik Fisker Emotion

What’s better than Tesla?

The previous Model S used to take about nine hours to get fully charged at a regular station and in Tesla’s Supercharging Stations, it used to get charged in 40 minutes.

But the new EMotion is set to get charged in just 9 minutes.

Not much information has been revealed, but Fisker did mentioned in one of his tweets that EMotion will have Lipik Electrochromic glass on roof and side windows which means at just a touch of button you can modify the tint electronically.

Fisker Emotion

We are all excited for this electric car to get launched and also to see how much it affects the rivalry between Henrik Fisker and Elon Musk.



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