Learn How to Pronounce the Names of Famous Car Brands

Luxury cars are a dream for many. Some of us are also lucky enough to own them. However, often we fail to pronounce the names of the international car brands properly. No matter how smart you are, we bet you might be pronouncing one or many of these car brand names wrong. So, challenge yourself with these car brand names and their pronunciations. Let’s see who can get them all right.
No cheating allowed! 😀

1. Porsche

How to pronounce – “Pore-shah”

Porsche 911
Image Credit – Porsche


2. Audi

How to pronounce – “Ow-Dee

Audi A6 Saloon
credits – carbuyer.co.uk


3. Peugeot

How to pronounce – “Poo-zho



4. Maserati

How to pronounce – “Ma-ze-raa-tee



5. Chevrolet

How to pronounce – “Shev-roll-A”


6. Volkswagen

How to pronounce – “Folks-Vah-gen

Volkswagen Ameo
Image Credits – Volkswagen Website


7. Bentley

How to pronounce – “Bent-lee

Bentley Bentayga


8. Bugatti

How to pronounce – “boo-GAH-tee

Bugatti Veyron
credits – Bugatti


9. Koenigsegg

How to pronounce – “kow-nig-zeg





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