Porsche’s Answer to Electric Vehicle Industry is $85,000 Mission E

Tesla is the leading brand of automobiles in high-end electric car market for now, but Porsche is determined and sure to give it a tough competition with Mission E. Porsche was to launch its car in 2020, but as the car is in the latter stages of development, it has decided to launch it a year before, that is 2019.

Specifications of Porsche’s Mission E

When it comes to pricing, Porsche has made sure to keep it appropriate and competitive. The car would be priced at $85,000. It is approximately the same as Tesla’s Model S 75D.

Porsche mission e
credits – Porsche

The Porsche’s electric car is great in terms of performance, too. It reaches 0 to 60mph just in less than 3.5 seconds. Although Tesla’s fastest time recorded is 2.2 seconds, the power Porsche offers is enough for luxury car owners. The German automobile manufacturer claims that the battery allows more than 300 miles of drive before it needs another charge.

Porsche Mission E Interiors
Credits – Porsche

The E-car takes about 15 minutes to charge 80 percent of its battery. On the other hand, Tesla’s cars take much more time than that. Although the company resists on letting out much information about Mission E, it confirms that the design is fixed and that this would not be the only E-car of Porsche.

A couple of years ago, Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG, suggested that with Mission E, “we are making a clear statement about the future of our brand.” Porsche would soon start testing the car publicly. So you might find a few E-Porsches on road even before its launch.

The final price and specifications of Mission E will be disclosed near its launch.



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