Royal Enfield Revealed Interceptor 650 Twin and Continental GT 650 Twin

Royal Enfield is more than a company now, it’s a widespread cult! Lately, RE’s sales increase tremendously and the growth prospects of the company is still great. To keep up with the demand and add more awesome motorcycles to their portfolio, RE revealed 2 great bikes which are winning over every RE fan – Interceptor 650 Twin and Continental GT 650 Twin.

At EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy, Royal Enfield revealed its two most awaited bikes with parallel-twin engine. They’re scheduled to launch very soon.

More about Interceptor 650 Twin and Continental  GT 650

The Interceptor is designed as an old-school roadster motorcycle, whereas Continental GT is designed as a café racer. Royal Enfield says that Continental GT 535 and 650 not more than 5% similar to each other. These new bikes have 648 cc parallel-twin motor with air-cooler. They have 270-degree firing order which is most appropriate as it is the smoothest setup and provides a great feel. There were many complaints about the unpleasant vibrations that RE caused; to rectify the problem, RE has installed a balancer shaft. The latest REs have 6-shift gearbox and a slip-assist clutch. The engine gives 47 BPH at RPM of 7100 with maximum torque of 52 Nm at RPM of 4000.

Royal Enfield has manufactured the accessories and the bikes simultaneously and offers a few optional accessories with the new bikes like low clip-on handlebars, flyscreen, sump guards etc. The accessories will be such that they will easily fit in both the bikes.
Siddhartha Lal, CEO, Royal Enfield said at the launch that RE is confident to be market leaders when it comes to middle-weight motorcycle segment. Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650 provide more power, which is also very accessible, as compared to other REs.

In April 2018, Europe will be the first continent to see the magic of these two newly revealed REs. After a couple of months of launch in Europe, these magical REs will take a flight to India. So, if you’re impressed with the bike and willing to buy it, keeping patience is inevitable.
Regarding the price, RE says that these bikes will be affordably and reasonably priced. The estimate price of RE Continental GT 650 is 4.25lakh and that of Interceptor 650 is 3.5lakh. Also, don’t forget to tell us how you liked these new Royal Enfields.

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