Everything You Should Know About Tesla Model 3 India Launch

Tesla Model 3 is going to be the affordable electric car in India. The automotive and energy storage company based in California, US is involved in the production of battery-powered cars. Most important, the greatest advantage with the Tesla electric car is instant torque. It delivers excellent performance with zero emissions. Furthermore, the company will not compromise in delivering quality products. As the whole world is transitioning into electric cars, it is apt to launch Tesla Model 3 India as well.

Sedan – Tesla Model 3 India

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tesla model 3 india

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The Tesla Model 3 is similar to its previous model S. The car can accommodate 5 passengers including the driver. An electric car can be made affordable in India with the introduction of Tesla Model 3. Even though the model appears similar to Model S, the vehicle is very much attractive with improvement in interiors and exteriors as well.

Entertainment Potential

Tesla Model 3 has 15” touch screen display to enhance your entertainment experience. It has onboard maps and navigation systems through which the driving efficiency is very much enhanced. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled connectivity will also provide great flexibility in accessing information while on the go.

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Electronic Stability

The Tesla Model 3 comes with electronic stability and traction control. Also, the feature will ensure that there will be maximum contact between the road and the tire. The automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance systems are provided with the Tesla Model 3. Furthermore, the car has 8 cameras to track the nearby objects so that the warning system will work in a very efficient way. Most important, the imminent possibility of an accident is traced through the presence of 12 ultrasonic sensors.

Safety Enhancement

The airbags provided on the vehicle will ensure the safety of the vehicle in a very efficient manner. If there is an accident, the driver, as well as passengers will be protected with the provision of 8 airbags in the car.

Steel body

The vehicle is made with the steel-cum-aluminum body. The steel is used where the vehicle should withstand the impact and offer protection to the passenger. The aluminum parts are used to decrease the overall weight of the vehicle so that the vehicle’s fuel efficiency will be high.

Engine and Transmission

Tesla Model 3 is unique in its design and delivery of performance. The vehicle has the capacity to reach 96 kmph from 0 in a matter of 6 seconds. The company has ambitious plans to setup super charging units throughout India so that a battery can be charged in a matter of 75 minutes. It will be a great milestone in the history of Indian auto industry when the company can achieve its goal. Customers will be able to drive any part of the country on an electric-powered car. With supercharging facility, the charge time will come down to 20 to 30 minutes.


As per the company’s expectations, the Tesla Model 3 will deliver 346 km on a single charge. This is the least expected figure and the actual mileage might be higher than 346 km per single charge. The car will be a significant contributor in the electric vehicle segment and it will be a game changer as well.

Comfort level

The Tesla Model 3 is practical in its design. It will offer sufficient space for 5 passengers. There will be sufficient space for luggage as well. As there is a great craze with pre-orders, it gives the notion that the passengers are shying away in going for electric cars.

Conclusion – Tesla Model 3 India

There are many Indians eagerly waiting for the launch of Tesla Model 3. In fact, pre-booking is taking place in India and the vehicle is likely to be released in 2019 in India. The price of the Tesla Model 3 India will be in between Rs. 30 lakhs and Rs. 35 lakhs. The success of the electric car will be based on various factors including the pricing, availability of charging network and the company’s ability to deal with infrastructure related issues. The company is in talks with the Indian Government to get an exemption from tax.

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