Tesla Has a New Rival – Lucid Air With Top Speed 378 Kmh!

A silicon valley startup, Lucid Motors founded by ex-BMW and ex-Tesla has just entered in Electric Vehicle Market with an impressive prototype. Ladies & Gentlemen, check out Lucid Air, a gorgeous and powerful bet by Lucid Motors, aka a Tesla Killer! As you can see below, Lucid Air looks like a well-designed electric vehicle with an aerodynamic frame and a better interface.

lucid air interiors and exteriors

You wouldn’t have noticed in the image that the car has a full glass roof. Also, it has multiple small head-lamps which are revolutionary. With premium interiors and super-comfortable seats, the car comes with plenty of leg room. Features like reclining back seats and massage functionalities are cherries on top. Not to forget, the car is completely autonomous. With such amazing features, it looks like Lucid Air is going to give a tough competition to its rivals.

Specifications of Lucid Air

The company claims that the car can reach upto a speed of 378.196. Holysh… Can you believe it?

The vehicle’s frame will be longer and lower than Tesla. The best version of the car will be fitted with a 1000 horsepower motor. Furthermore, it will have a range of 400 miles. However, the company promised another version with a 400 hp motor and 240 miles range. Lucid Motors might start with the production model in 2019. The price of the base model start from around $60,000.

Looks like an exciting future with some super serious companies competing with each other with some super cool Electric Cars.



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