TVS Star City Plus Mileage and Price you should know

For commuters, TVS offers a variety of bikes. They fare well in terms of ride quality and fuel efficiency. The engine and vehicle design, as well as driving conditions, will have a great impact on mileage. You should be concerned about the road and environmental conditions as well. The TVS Star City comes with 109cc single cylinder engine. The introduction of tumble-and-swirl induction technology has led to great mileage.  Keep reading to know TVS star city plus mileage and more important features.

TVS Star City Plus Mileage


TVS Star City has standard features which include electric starter, clear lens indicators, rear shock absorbers (adjustable) and alloy wheels. The vehicle is available in various colors including Red and various color combinations with Black.

The ergonomically designed vehicle will deliver great ride quality. The vehicle is targeted for everyday use. The conservative styling and minimum graphics are enough to reach the masses in various parts of the country. The handlebars are wide enough to facilitate upright riding position.

The stress on the lower back and wrists is minimized with the ergonomic design. The ride comfort is enhanced for long durations without any issues. The size of the front tire is 2.75” x 17”. The size of the rear tire is 3” x 17”. The double cradle frame and telescopic oil damped system will enhance the performance.

The fuel tank capacity is 16.5 liters. The wheelbase is 124o mm and the kerb weight is 95 kg. The bike mileage depends on riding quality.


The 109cc single-cylinder engine produces 8 BHP @ 7500 rpm and 8.1 Nm of torque @ 5000 rpm. The 4-speed gearbox will deliver the transmission in the best possible way. The power will be transferred in the best possible way to the rear wheel. The dimensions of the vehicle are 1980 x 750 x 1080 mm.

The vehicle has telescopic forks on the front and they will absorb the shock in the best possible way. It has a pair of hydraulic shock absorbers on the rear end. Even though there is variation in the carrying load, it will be absorbed very smoothly with the help of hydraulic absorbers.

The AC/DC ignition system contributes to the peak performance of the engine. The four gear transmission system is efficient enough to deliver a smooth ride. The compression ratio is 9.45: 1. The multi-plate and wet-type of the clutch will ensure smooth transmission of power.

TVS Star City Plus Mileage and Price

The mileage delivered by the TVS Star City is 86 kmpl.

You can exercise great control and command on the vehicle with accelerator, clutch and braking system. The vehicle has drum brake on the front and disc brake at the rear. The drum brake size is 130 mm and the disc brake size is 110 mm.

The fuel delivery to the engine takes place through the carburetor. There will be great convenience with the kick start starter-type. The air-cooled system is sufficient enough to enhance the performance of the engine. The running cost of the vehicle is very low and it will be less than Rs. 1200 per year after completing 10,000 kilometers.

Following the schedule of the service as per the directions of the manufacturer is better. The engine and transmission oil should be changed at regular intervals. The spark plug should be inspected and cleaned as per the frequency set by the manufacturer. Oil filter and air filter should be changed as per the usage of the vehicle.

The ex-showroom price of the vehicle in Delhi is Rs. 47,000.

The bike has a great resale value.

Conclusion – TVS Star City Plus Mileage

TVS Star City is best to fulfill the needs of people who would like to travel short distances on a regular basis. It is apt for city roads and delivers decent mileage. The air-cooled 4 stroke engine cylinder delivers 86 kmpl. The mileage delivered on city roads will be 57 kmpl and it will be 86 kmpl on highways. The refined engine delivers comfortable ride and you will be able to make the most of your investment.

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